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5 healthy mayonnaise recipe you should try

Mayonnaise is found on our plate almost every day.

Be it in sandwiches, rolls, burgers or with chips, this creamy product makes any dish taste amazing. It is a kitchen staple found grabbing space in almost every refrigerator.

However, its popularity is slowly stooping down as more and more people are taking to healthy eating, either to lose weight or just for overall wellness.

Sadly, mayonnaise is one of the unhealthiest and fattening food items around.

One tablespoon of mayo contains about 94 calories, 10 grams of fat and provides no useful minerals, vitamins or other nutrients, whatsoever.

That’s why, mayonnaise is now missing from our sandwiches and so is our appetite to eat them.

Thank god for new food discoveries, there are substitutes available for mayonnaise, which are not only healthier but also taste mushily great.

And guess what? These substitutes are probably already there in your kitchen pantry!

Here are some healthy alternatives for mayo that are worthy of a try:
1. Hung Curd
You plain regular curd can get as creamy as it gets. Place the required amount of curd in muslin cloth and tie the ends gently. Now hang the cloth with curd overnight. You will wake up to a gooey substance which can easily pass off as mayonnaise.

2. Hummus
This is a dip made by blending cooked chickpeas, combined with other ingredients like olive oil, garlic, onions or any other product of your choice. Hummus resides much less calories than mayo but has more proteins, antioxidants and fibre.

3. Cottage Cheese
This low-fat, high-protein food staple can stealthily take place of mayonnaise and no one will ever know. Muddle the cottage cheese thoroughly till it almost looks like a paste. Add onion, capsicum, salt and other ingredients of your choice and prepare your intended dish.

4. Mashed Avocado
Avocado is riding high on its popularity due to its innumerable health benefits. It is a high-fat but weight-friendly fruit and if mashed properly, transforms into a thick, spreadable paste.

5. Nut Butter
Nut butters are not your usual butters that are full of fat. It is simply a grounded and reduced concentrated paste of nuts it is derived from. Almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios or cashews – you can use any nut or dry fruit to make a healthy, fat-free mayo-like dip, which can be stored in the refrigerator for months for future use.

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