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60 Millers Submit FR Maize Applications

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has received requests for 152,000 metric tonnes of maize from more than 60 millers.

In an effort to reduce the rising cost of mealie meal, the millers have applied to receive some of the 250,000 metric tonnes of maize that FRA is dumping to millers nationwide.

The applications are being processed, according to Agriculture Minister REUBEN MTOLO, and the FRA has already released 75,000 metric tonnes.

Speaking to the media today in Lusaka, Mr. MTOLO also disclosed that the ZNS, the Zambia National Service, had been assigned a goal to mill and sell 5,000 metric tonnes of mealie meal on the market.

He emphasized once more that there is no reason for folks to be concerned because food security exists in Zambia.

Additionally, Mr. MTOLO noted that border regions in particular have increased surveillance on mealie meal shipments that are prohibited.

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