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60,000 deaths caused by coronavirus in China in less than a month

In less than a month, China has reported 60,000 Covid-related fatalities, the first significant death toll since the country abandoned its zero-Covid policy.

Despite their being evidence of hospitals and crematoriums being inundated, China has frequently been accused of underreporting coronavirus mortality.

China reported 59,938 Covid-related deaths between December 8 and January 12, according to officials.

The statistics show that there were 54,435 deaths from the virus alone and 5,503 deaths from respiratory failure brought on by the virus alone. Due to the fact that the numbers only include deaths reported at medical facilities, the actual amount is probably greater.

Beijing modified the method it classifies Covid deaths last month, only including those that were directly caused by the virus when calculating its overall number. The concept was criticized by the World Health Organization as being “too restricted.”

Beijing has consistently argued that its statistics are correct and urged the WHO to “maintain a scientific, objective, and just approach.”

According to officials, the number of individuals hospitalized with severe Covid peaked in early January, however it has since remained high.

They promised to keep an eye on the situation in rural areas while emphasizing early detection and treating the most vulnerable people first.

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