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Mayor of Chipata is evacuated to UTH

As a result of last Thursday’s accident involving his official vehicle, which claimed one life, Chipata Mayor GEORGE MWANZA was airlifted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) by the Zambia Flying Doctor Service.

Prior to being transported to Chipata Central Hospital, Mr. MWANZA was initially hospitalized to Kalindawalo General Hospital in Petauke.

And today, the country’s youngest mayor was flown to the UTH for specialized care by the Zambia Flying Doctor Service.

The mayor’s condition is stable, according to some medical professionals that treated Mr. MWANZA at the Chipata Central hospital.

ISAAC MBEWE, Mr. MWANZA’s driver, and PAUL MALICHI, a police officer with the Chipata Council, have both been released from the hospital.

UPND Deputy National Chairperson ANDREW BANDA, Chipata District Commissioner ELIDA BANDA, and Sinda District Commissioner DAVID TEMBO bid farewell to Mr. MWANZA at Chipata Airport.

The motorist lost control and flipped owing to excessive speed on Thursday at 21:00 hours, according to Eastern Province Deputy Police Commanding Officer LUCKY MUNKONDYA, who spoke with ZNBC News. The accident happened in Petauke’s Mtilizi district.

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