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Abductor For Pamela Chisumpa Established Fit To Stand Trial

The Lusaka High Court has determined that JAMES BWALYA is competent to face trial for the alleged kidnapping of PAMELA CHISUMPA, a mobile money agent, and 12 other girls.

This came about when the defense requested that the accused undergo a mental examination, and the court obtained a medical report from Chainama Mental Health Hospital in response.

Today’s decision was made by Judge CHARLES KAFUNDA.

BWALYA was determined to have a personality disorder, according the report provided by a psychiatric expert.

The investigation also demonstrates that the accused did not display any psychiatric signs, such as hallucinations, the judge KAFUNDA said in her ruling.

BWALYA has been deemed physically fit for trial by Judge KAFUNDA, who also stated that a plea will be accepted if the accused has been determined to be physically fit following a review of his or her medical records.

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