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Lynn Forbes reveals unhelpful comments since AKA’s death

Lynn Forbes speaks about how she’s been dealing with the death of her son, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

Taking to social media, she says she misses him and each day comes with different feelings.

“I miss you so much Kiernan, Some days I’m a warrior. Some days I’m a broken mess. Most days I’m a bit of both, but every day I have to be here Standing. Fighting. Trying(edited unknown quote),” she wrote.

Lynn Forbes

Lynn revealed the most helpful message she got since the passing of the rapper.

“The most helpful thing anyone has said to me during this painful time … “Whatever you are feeling, and whenever you are feeling it …. it’s OK.”

Lynn Forbes

She further revealed the messages that were unhelpful.

• How are you feeling?
• At least he didn’t suffer
• It was God’s plan
• God never gives you more than you can handle
• Be strong


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Musa Khawula made claims a few days ago that Mohale Motaung is broke and homeless, Mohale announced a huge business venture. While some think he is down and out and not getting any gigs anymore since he and Somizi are over, Mohale goes on to surprise everyone.

Mohale Motaung

Mohale took to social media to announce that he started a new business venture, Fusion Cocktail Lounge. The lounge is located at 12 Main Road, Melville. Learn More

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