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AKA’s death: Mzansi reacts to CCTV footage #RIPAKA

CCTV footage revealing how AKA was shot surfaced on social media. On Friday night, the rapper was shot after stepping out of “Wish” restaurant on Florida road, Durban.

He was pronounced dead and his parents confirmed his death on Saturday morning.

Hours after South Africans demanded CCTV footage, it finally got delivered and went viral on social media.

As seen in the video, an unidentified man walked down and shot the rapper who was hugging his now-late-friend, Tibz.

The unidentified hitman wore a white face cap and white top.

Photos and Videos of the scene have gone viral with people demanding justice.


Social media investigators have begun analyzing the video which has garnered several reactions

Katlego – That hug AKA gave that guy is crushing me… He was really in a good mood that day… I just hope that he felt no pain and that it was over quick.. That’s the least thing i can ask for cuz man… This is really hurting me this fuckn poster is makin me mad!! #CCTV #RIPAAKA

Supernova – …the guy who wore a white t-shirt & khakhi pants must be brought in for questioning. he was communicating with a guy in all black who ran off with the hitman. #CCTV


Siv Ngesi – You sick fucks! #CCTV

In other news – AKA’s death: Cassper Nyovest under fire

Mufasa aka Cassper Nyovest and AKA had one of the most popular beefs in local entertainment. For over ten years the two continually dragged each other or would sometimes surprise the public as they shared cute public moments together. However, since the news of AKA’s passing. While there has been a concern for Cassper, it seems that there are some people who have used AKA’s passing to continue to cyberbully the rapper.

This was seen as some tweeps quickly rushed to Cassper’s social media accounts to find “evidence” of his believed glee over the passing of his public “arch nemesis.”Learn More

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