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Man called out for recording AKA’s empty grave

Mzansi is up in arms following a gravedigger who shared a TikTok video of the late Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes empty grave. During a set up before the funeral on Saturday, the grave digger recorded a video and has already exposed AKA’s real grave.

AKA laid to rest

Just a few days after AKA was laid to rest, follows a controversy after a video shared on social media. A grave digger has revealed the real grave where the rapper was laid. Even though his tombstone was already erected next to his grave but the distasteful grave digger’s video has rubbed scores of people the wrong way.


“SHOCKING | Grave digger under fire for recording AKA empty grave during the set up for the slain Superstar and posting it on TikTok. #RIPAKA #RIPakaworldwide SIM DOPE Zinhle NOTA Cassper” wrote Charles Banks

The gravedigger is most certainly not South African and scores of tweeps are struck by the content of what he was saying about AKA. The gravedigger is said to be a Zimbabwean national and the uproar is against the municipality that hired a foreign national.

Outraged tweeps are calling for the immediate deportation of the grave digger who has broken a number of rules by posting the video. AKA’s funeral was not live broadcast for a reason and even though media was allowed but there hasn’t been unsavory footage of this nature.

‘He is from Zimbabwe this one, he’s being too disrespectful in Shona” wrote Palmeranks Chief

The responsible municipality have not come forth to clear the air surrounding the posting of this video by their supposed employer.


In other news – Actor Kay Sibiya allegedly got woman pregnant after drugging and r@ping her

Popular South African actor Kay Sibiya‘s is under fire following the damning rape allegations leveled against him. This comes after former radio personality Zukiswa ‘Zookey Zarling’ Vutela’s confession on Facebook.

Kay Sibiya

In a lengthy Facebook post, Zookey Zarling left no stones unturned while blasting Kay Sibiya for an alleged rape that occurred leading to Zookey Zarling having a baby. In her rant, Zokeey Zarling mentions that Kay Sibiya was allegedly sent to kill her but instead he allegedly drugged and r@ped her. Learn More

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