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Lynn Forbes reveals AKA’s last words to her

Late Mzansi rapper’s mother, Lynn Forbes revealed “I love you” was among some of the last words her son slain rapper AKA said to her before his death – in an exclusive interview with You.

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known as AKA’s was shot dead outside of Wish restaurant on Florida Road, Durban on 10 February. His friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane was also killed at the same time.

The last time Lynn Forbes saw her son AKA was on the morning of 10 February — the day he was shot dead. Lynn and her sister Trudy were taking a road trip to Mpumalanga and he came over to say goodbye to his mom.

AKA’s mom Lynn Forbes

“When we left around lunchtime, he asked me if we’d checked the car and the wheel alignment. I told him I had done so at the garage, and he said, ‘No, Mom, you have to check it at the dealership’,” she said to You.

She revealed that AKA was bubbly and they had some fun banter before they left. Lynn also mentioned that one of the rapper’s last words to her was “I love you”.

“He kept teasing us about our trip in the country and said we were making as if we were going overseas. He hugged me said, ‘I love you’, and wished us a good weekend,” she continued.

As she drove off AKA blew kisses and this was how he said good bye.

Lynn Forbes

AKA’s mom Lynn Forbes was out with her sister Trudy and brother-in-law Trevor when she received the heartbreaking news of her son’s untimely death. Lynn’s youngest son Steffan called Trevor at around 22:00 that night. Lynn knew it was bad news when Trevor sat next to her and out his hand around her. At the time she thought it was her mom.

“I thought it was my mom. At first, he couldn’t speak, then he said, ‘No, it’s Kiernan,” she said exclusively to You.

She sobbed on the floor hysterically until Steffan came an hour later to console her.

“I didn’t want anybody to touch me until Steffan came after an hour and hugged me and said he would take care of everything,” she continued.

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