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Angolan Model Mya Jesus files for divorce

Mya Jesus, an Angolan socialite, has officially filed for divorce from her husband Papito, just two months after their mega wedding, which surprised social media users due to the huge pay disparity.

Prior to this new development, Mya and her husband had unfollowed each other on Instagram, with Mya Jesus then deleting all of their beautiful pictures from her various social media accounts.

Mya Jesus

Mya said yes to a man she met about a month before their engagement on November 28th, 2022.

They dated for less than 10 days and made the photos public two months after their marriage. According to rumors in circulation, Mya’s decision to walk out of the marriage is because of Papitos’ serial cheating spree.

Mya Jesus

The 59-year-old millionaire was caught on several occasions cheating on the socialite and always pleaded for forgiveness yet went back to the same old habit.

Mya, who is fed up with the never-ending cheating and plea for forgiveness decided to call it quits for her own mental well-being.

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