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Ben Affleck is becoming scared of Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck is reportedly starting to grow fearful for his own safety and sanity, while being with JLo. News of this has been brought to light by an inside source close to In Touch Weekly.

Per the insider, the reason for Affleck taking such measures is because “at the end of the day, Ben has to protect himself, and that’s why he initiated the separation.”

As of right now, “He’s scared if they stay together, he could seriously self-destruct.” For those unversed, the pressure began right from the beginning and that was what led to their first separation.

According to Affleck himself, in the February doc The Greatest Love Story Never Told, he said, “When Jen and I broke up before, the catalyst for that was this massive amount of scrutiny around our private life.” I had a very firm sense of boundaries around the press, while Jen, I don’t think, objected to it the way I did.”

Still though he was optimistic this time around and “For a while, Ben got swept up in it.” But “her obsession with the limelight and need to parade their love around really didn’t sit right with Ben,” after a while.

Comparing the two instances the insider admitted that while he “was happy and convinced he’d finally gotten what he wanted at long last.” It became “too much to deal with,” after a while. “Especially for a guy in recovery.

Source: BBC

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