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Annie Mthembu opens up on having an abortion in her 20s

Reality TV star and businesswoman Annie Mthembu disclosed that she had an abortion when she was in her early twenties and she regretted it.

In an interview with YouTuber Lungelo KM of the Engineer Your Life podcast, Mthembu spoke candidly about her past toxic relationship, her marriage to businessman Kgolo “Da Guru” Mthembu, and her relationship with God.

During her twenties, she says suffered from guilt and shame over having an abortion, revealing for the first time what she went through.

Annie Mthembu

“I felt so guilty and ashamed, I was scared of God and stopped praying because I thought that what I did was unforgivable and God wouldn’t accept it.” Anne emotionally explained.

Eventually, she revealed that her husband, Kgolo, had saved her and restored her faith in God

“I know I make things about my husband a lot, but Kgolo saved me. I had completely given up on my relationship with God and he helped me find myself again and find my connection with God. He was the first man that made me stop feeling guilty and feel fine about the decision to have an abortion.”

The Real Housewives of Durban star showed love to her husband amidst cheating allegations. This comes after Kgolo was accused of allegedly cheating on her with fitness bunny Sbahle Mpisane.

The fitness bunny took to her Instagram stories on Sunday 19 March, to flatly deny the accusations. She shared a screenshot of an article about the homewrecker claims and simply said it was fake news.

Annie Mthembu

Annie also addressed the wild claims and said there are toxic people out there who have a personal agenda to destroy her.

“There are evil, toxic, dangerous people who clearly have a personal agenda against – in fact who are out to destroy me. At some point I told production that I didn’t feel safe because they were meant to make sure that they bring people who won’t put us in danger on the show.” Annie speaks of a character assassination that she is suffering at the hands of a cast member, which goes to the extent of lies being created about her marriage, finances, and livelihood.

The reality star also opened up about spending 5 years at the hands of an abusive ex-partner, and how that relationship broke her and created insecurities that till this day she is trying to heal from. “I was still working for Kgolo as his assistant and he would regularly catch me crying and comfort me. He witnessed it all, and saw how badly my partner at the time was treating me. During those years of abuse I lost who I am and would question everything about myself.”


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