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Apex Legends Dev Announces Skill-Based Matchmaking Changes Coming Soon 

An Apex Legends developer has revealed plans for a reworked skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) system to be released in the near future. The developer also divulged details on how Apex Legends currently manages its matchmaking process, to the appreciation of the pro player who started the whole conversation.

Since its release in 2019, the free-to-play battle royale shooter has enjoyed steady popularity with a player base that has only gotten larger. With Apex Legends releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, along with a mobile launch, the game managed to break its record for peak player count by a solid margin this year. But as to be expected with a game of this popularity, many players have expressed frustration with certain mechanics. One consistent complaint revolves around the game’s SBMM system, which has often paired gamers with opponents who are way out of their league, resulting in frustration on both ends.

Taking to Twitter to air his grievances, Twitch streamer and pro Apex Legends player, Snip3down, described his recent experiences playing the game: a series of frustrating scenarios which seemingly stemmed from poor matchmaking. Among the commenters was Samy Duc, Technical Director at Respawn Entertainment, developer of Apex Legends. Duc revealed that changes to the aggravating SBMM system were forthcoming, and should drop around mid-December or the new year, saying they’d be able to communicate further then.

He also explained that, currently, the matchmaking in Apex Legends is based on the highest-ranked player on a team. This was news to Snip3down, who echoed an assumption that many Apex Legends players likely shared: that the matchmaking was instead based on the group’s average. In response, Duc explained that they had in fact already tried using averages, but that strategy didn’t work. He went on to explain that using the highest-ranked player was the easiest method, as it can be assumed that the player will have the greatest impact. He concluded by acknowledging the problems with that approach, saying developers are working on it.

After Duc’s initial response, Snip3down made a point of recognizing the developer’s “promising and transparent reply.” With the almost smoke-and-mirrors attitude that pervades much of game development, clarity like this is a welcome surprise. Developers, of course, must play their cards close to the chest in many cases, but a lack of insight can often lead to fan alienation and more questions.

The secretive practices aren’t likely to change anytime soon, however, at Respawn or elsewhere, especially since Apex Legends is no stranger to leaks. So a bit of candidness from a developer like this is best appreciated as the rarity it is.


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