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Army advised to remain stationary

The ZAMBIA Army has been reminded to uphold its commitment to upholding the country’s peace and security.

Deputy Army Commander GEOFFREY ZYEELE asserts that the army must keep an eye out for any potential breakdown of the nation’s peace.

The army has also been advised by Major General ZYEELE to keep awake so that it can support government efforts to manage disasters.

He claims that in a recent operation to protect the grain, the army successfully transferred over 1,000,059 bags of maize across the nation.

This was delivered by Major General ZYEELE on Friday night at the Headquarters’ Mess in Lusaka, Zambia, during the Zambia Army Annual Ball.

The yearly ball is one of the ways to preserve military history and decorum, according to JUSTIN SILWENGA, chair of the Zambia Army Headquarters Mess Organizing Committee, who spoke at the same event.

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