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Watch: Fans really worried following Babes Wodumo’s tearful Instagram Live

South African musician, Babes Wodumo left her fans worried and concerned about her emotional state following a heart-wrenching Instagram Live video. The video, which has since been widely shared on social media, captures Wodumo in tears as she copes with the loss of her husband, Mampintsha, who tragically passed away in December 2022 after a stroke.

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha

The video shows Wodumo in what appears to be a studio, accompanied by Mampintsha’s sister, Nondumiso, and another individual. Mampintsha’s popular song ‘Ngeke’ plays in the background, while the other person dances and vibes to the music. Amidst her tears, Wodumo embraces her sister and wipes them away, singing along to her late husband’s song.

This emotional display has deeply affected Wodumo’s fans, who have expressed sympathy and heartbreak for her. It is not the first time the public has witnessed Wodumo’s emotional vulnerability. Earlier this year, a video of her crying on stage during a live performance went viral on social media. Despite her visible distress, Wodumo’s sister, Nondumiso, later reassured concerned fans that she was okay.

Mampintsha's mom attacks Babes Wodumo, exposes her for faking pregnancy

The ongoing struggles and emotional turmoil faced by Babes Wodumo have touched the hearts of many, and her fans continue to show support and concern for her well-being during this difficult time.


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DJ Euphonik

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