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DJ Fresh set to be back on radio in April

Every new week on a Monday is always exciting for chillers i.e. fans of the podcast) as they look forward to a brand-new episode of Podcast And Chill.

Fans were in for a surprise as broadcasting legend DJ Fresh took over the reins from Mac G who is recovering from an eye infection.

At the beginning of the episode, Fresh revealed that he was supposed to be back on the airwaves in April this year.

DJ Fresh

“I was supposed to be back on radio in April but the stuff I’m working on that says I can’t do radio this year.

“I was supposed to start this coming April, but I can’t disclose. Maybe the management hadn’t told their managers yet and now I’m putting it all out there. You know what I mean?”

As things are starting to look highly unlikely for a return this year, The Big Dawg says he’ll definitely be back by next year.

“Let me just say hopefully next year April, unless they let me do the show remotely this year – then we can do the show this year.

“You can’t start a brand-new show remotely. You are building a team and starting a whole new thing.”

DJ Fresh

Sol And Dineo

Following the uproar from social media users last year about Dineo not giving. Sol a fair chance to ask questions on their morning show.

With cameras not in studios most of the time, DJ Fresh argued that they are stealing the magic of radio.

“The sad thing Is having cameras behind the scenes also almost steals the magic of how we do radio. It’s almost like watching a documentary about how they did something on TV or in the movies. I don’t want to know because you are taking the magic away.

“Cameras behind the scenes on radio take away the magic of it’s theater the mind. So now all of a suden you know how you work and because you have a non radio mic, you are there thinking Sol is being Nyatheld here.”

Fresh notes that seeing the whole thing unfold was very sad for him. He says it is usually the loudest people who know nothing about radio.

He gave a few scenarios of how them agic of radioh appens and how certain things could prohibit that.

I remember watching that drama unfold and I was like it’s sad. The loudest people know nothing about radio. How else are we going to speak without taking turns. It’s like having a movie without a movie script. And you think people are. Just going to create magic? It’s scripted to a certain degree and it’s my turn and then your turn.

Check out DJ Fresh’s Monday episode on Podcast And Chill with Mac G.


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DJ Hlo

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