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Bitumen Peel Off Does Not Affect Kazungula Bridge

Despite some bitumen peeling off on some sections of the bridge, the Kazungula Bridge that spans the Zambezi River and connects Zambia and Botswana is still in good condition.
The team leader of Kazungula Bridge Consultants, KOBAMELO KGOBOKO, claims that despite some areas of the bridge’s concrete deck exhibiting bitumen peeling, the bridge’s structural integrity has not been jeopardized.
In order to address the troubled stretch by the end of the year, Mr. KGOBOKO claims that the contractor, Daewoo Engineering and Construction Company, is still available and mobilizing subcontractors.

Mr. KGOBOKO told a ZNBC News crew that visited the site today there is no reason to be concerned because the Kazungula Bridge’s structural integrity is still intact.

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