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Vid: Boity Thulo called out for her ‘disrespectful’ lyrics about AKA, Riky and Costa

Mzansi rapper, businesswoman, and media personality Boity Thulo is working hard on making a musical comeback and has teased a little bit of what she has in store for her fans. The reality TV star first shared a snippet of herself sampling Sosha Plata which received high praises online.

Now she has shared another short, this time sampling late rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ Mbuzi Freestyle.

While this sample has also received some praise, not everyone thought her lyrics about AKA’s death was in good taste. Many have slammed her for mentioning not only AKA but Riky Rick and Costa Titch too.

Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo is back in studio and working hard to revive her rap career.

Her eagerness to impress may have landed her in a bit of hot water with social media users who disapprove of her latest contribution to the music world.

The 33-year-old just hopped on AKA’s Mbuzi Freestyle and dropped a few bars that some have openly referred to as “distasteful”.

Boity Thulo

“First of all R.I.P. to Supa Mega, who would’ve thought that a rapper of his stature will be taking a bullet through the head,” she starts her freestyle.

She then mentions the death of Riky Rick and Costa Titch.

“And that sh*t came right after Riky Rick and after that we lost uCosta Titch. When y’all said hiphop is dead, y’all used your tongues and spoke it into existence, damn,” she says in the song.

While many saw this as a tribute to the late musicians, others believed that it was insensitive. Many wondered how the family members of the late stars would feel after hearing the song.

“this is just distasteful. there’s nothing artistic about it at all. no punchlines, barely even rhymes, just pure disrespect to the grieving families,” one person wrote while adding:

“like do yall understand how disrespectful this is, people literally DIED.”


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