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Boy, 18, drowns in a dam being unable to swim

An 18-year-old kid from the Copperbelt district of Lufwanyama drowned after he was unable to swim when he went swimming with a buddy at Gemfields Dam in Pilala.

A carpenter named Keegan Kayula, who is also an illegal miner, reported the occurrence that his younger brother Paul Mutale drowned.

The deceased’s body has yet to be discovered, according to Copperbelt commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba, although a search is now being conducted for him.

“Brief facts are that the deceased went swimming with a friend Mathew Masumbuko who is equally an illegal Miner. However, the deceased who seemed not to know how to swim jumped in the dam and he failed to swim while gasping for breath several times before he went under and disappeared. A search is currently underway and the Lufwanyama District Fire Brigade has been informed. An inquiry file has been opened and the scene visited,” he said.

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