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Mzansi celebrities who have done breast surgery

South African women working on their bodies is a normal thing now as they find nothing bad in it as long as they have the money to do them.

Surgery is just a simple thing to them as some of the celebrities have gone under the knife to either get their body done to a perfect shape or get a boobs reduction or even work on their face.

Amanda du-Pont

Most of them are always impressed by their new look.

However, today we will be looking at five female celebrities who might have one way or the other had worked on their breast because it’s either too big and they need them to fit their body or just want them to have good shape.

See five celebrities below:

1. Skolopad


Skolopad had her breast surgery earlier this month.

The entertainer has never for once complained about having big breasts, but she’s blatantly happy about her decision.


She also shared a before and after of her breasts.

“Thank God my operation went well,” she captioned her first post.

2. Nolo Seabi

Nolo Seabi

Nolo Seabi went under the knife to attain her lifelong dream in March this year.

The star revealed she has been longing to have a breast reduction operation.

Taking to Instagram, Nolo opened up about her surgery revealing she has wanted to have her breast reduced when she was 16 years old and would let her fans in on the journey in due time.

3. Amanda du-Pont

Amanda du-Pont

In February, Amanda du-Pont traveled to Turkey for cosmetic surgery.

She shared videos of herself in the hospital following successful surgery, and afterwards, she spoke about the exact surgery she did.

Amanda revealed doing breast augmentation, as she’s lost fat due to a rigorous workout.

4. Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo Shozi had a body makeover in Turkey.

Recently, she got real with her followers after revealing the journey of her cosmetic body surgery and teeth whitening.

Well, Sithelo has once again had surgery on her boobs too.

5. Juliet Harding

Juliet Harding

Juliet had a successful breast reduction surgery in 2020.

The star is excited about how she feels about her body after the surgery, and also gave an update about the medical payments.


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Miss Shozi

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