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Brenda Ngxoli celebrated her birthday and opened up about her challenges

Brenda Ngxoli celebrated her birthday and opened up about her challenges in the past year. Since then, she gave birth to her daughter and has been living her private life since then. While celebrating her birthday, Brenda spoke at large of her challenging year.

She also praised herself for being able to go through the difficult times she faced, and fans loved it.
Her silence over the past year had been worrying most of her fans, who expressed it on her birthday.

Speaking of how much she struggled last year, birthday girl Brenda Nhxoli said: “Happy Birthday Brenda Ngxoli. Over the past year you have Faced immense Challenges and the Best Gift Ever ………@Sky_Ngxoli……………

After speaking of her challenges and also the best gift she had for her daughter, she thanked God. She also found joy and satisfaction in how much she overcame it.

Brenda Ngxoli

“I am Proud of You! And I  you Brenda Ngxoli….. Glory be to God . Pic taken behind the Scenes @netflixsa and #iNumberNumber Press Shoot” she concluded. After Brenda Ngxoli shared the news of her birthday, most fans celebrated with her.

They showed her so much love and encouraged her to keep being vital. @brendangxoli – Happy Birthday MaBrrrrrrMay the good Lord continue to guide your steps and protect you. May His grace be so abundant in your life, and May His blessings overflow. Love you always.

Brenda Ngxoli

“I was watching #inumbernumber izolo ebsuku, and I totally enjoyed your work and the team. Happy birthday, ke sisi Happy bday sisy, now that’s your mini me dear. Embrace every moment”

“Happy birtday @brendangxoli …We the Xhosa nation is extremely proud of you.You inspire ,we see you and we love you,Qeeun @brendangxoli Happy Burthday Siswam. May God bless you abundantly. Watched you on iNumberNumber brilliant as always.

Source: News365

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