Chella Tukuta is advised by Bflow to stop being a cadre

Chella Tukuta is counseled by Bflow to stop being a cadre and focus on his role as a diplomat.

MUSICIAN Chellah Tukuta, a diplomat and photographer, has received advice from Brian Bwembya, better known by his stage name Bflow, to focus on his work as a diplomat rather than pursue political office.

Following Mr. Bwembya’s social media outcry about the present load shedding, Promoting Mr. Tukuta accused him of receiving a K10,000 bribe to remain silent while President Hichilema was still in opposition.

In response to Mr. Tukuta, Mr. Bwembya urged him to familiarize himself with diplomatic protocol rather than acting like a cadre.

“When you get sued, you start crying that people just hate you, yet it is your own mouth that brings you trouble.

The last time you misused your page to insult, demean and accuse a woman, you ended up in jail because you are in the habit of making allegations against others without any evidence whatsoever.

Now you have started with me. Indeed uwakalema takaleka. I thought you are now a Diplomat, but clearly you don’t even understand diplomatic etiquette and that is why you don’t know your jurisdiction or job description,” he wrote.

Earlier,  Mr Tukuta accused the musician of having recieved a K10,000 to keep quiet.

“Bflow we haven’t forgotten your cowardice and how you were given K10,000 to shut up. You and I were called the same day but I refused. HH doesn’t buy people. So imweh yama you are a coward don’t even come here acting smart.  President Hakainde Hichilema won’t call you to bribe you no he is different,” he said.

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