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Skolopad reveals her theater doctor abused her

Skolopad has taken to her social media to call out the doctor at her theater for abusing her emotionally and mentally.

The star shared a conversation stating that she has been complaining about the doctor’s treatment since she got to the theater as they never took her seriously.

“I’ve been complaining about his treatment since I arrived in theater, they never took me seriously but reassuring me that his not doing it to me but I’m must adjust understand his like that. Until Monday I reported him to Sister in charge that he has started shouting me and the sister confronted him, and he said all this😭😭😭 guys this Dr has been abusing me emotionally and mentally telling me how useless I’m in his theater.”

Skolopad said she is working as an anesthetic and a flour nurse but the said doctor does not appreciate her sacrifices.

“Mind you in theater I’m working as a anesthetic nurse and a floor nurse but he doesn’t appreciate the sacrifice I’m doing which I never complain about it. So he said if they keep me he is leaving, so they can’t afford to him😔. What made it wes it’s him saying he hated me from OPD Clinic and he was pissed of they day he saw I was allocated in theater. Guys I know I’m a moody person but for my patients I will do what ever it takes for them to get the best nursing care. He got the never of saying I came to nursing because of money 🙆‍♀️ which money 🤔I corrected him “I’m earning 9k but the money I’m using in a month is more than 20k 🤷‍♀️”

“The only thing I can’t do is nursing my colleagues feelings because in batho pele principles does not occur. Hake tlela sekgotsi or ho ratwa ke Manurse. Well believe me when I say nurses that works for government are mostly abused and depressed people. The ratio will supposed to be eg 6/4 but you will find it 2/1 and best nursing care is expected. Guys I’m saying all this because in my whole 15 years as a nurse I gave it all best for the love of my patients and I took an Oath but he has a nerve to tell me all this”

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