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Seven clinics will be built in Mpika District

The government has announced that it will construct contemporary maternity wings at each of the seven clinics in the Muchinga Province’s Mpika District that had operated without them for many years.

The maternity wings will be constructed using a portion of the K28.3 million Constituency Development Fund – CDF – Allocation for the district, according to SAMUEL MUSENGE, secretary of the Mpika Town Council.

According to Mr. MUSENGE, the clinics that will receive new maternity wings this year have already been identified by the ward development committees in Mpika and the health authorities.

According to him, the seven maternity wings are being built in response to President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s order to all Councils to give priority to building facilities to reduce maternal fatalities.

The Maternity Wings will be constructed at the following seven clinics: Kazembe, Kalimba Mufubushi, Kaluba, Kamwanya, TAZARA, and Chikwanda.

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