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Chief Nkambo Values Government Projects

Traditional leaders on the Copperbelt, according to Chief NKAMBO of the Lamba Lima Royal Establishment, value the initiatives the government is making to enhance community life.

The updated CDF is being used to conduct a number of projects, according to Chief NKAMBO, chair of the Lamba Lima Royal Establishment, who said that the chiefdoms on the Copperbelt had considerably profited from these initiatives.

The traditional leader claimed that because of what the government has accomplished for the populace in a short period of time, traditional leaders on the Copperbelt are optimistic about the future of Zambia.

When the ministers for infrastructure, housing, and urban development, CHARLES MILUPI, transport, and logistics, FRANK TAYALI, and copperbelt minister ELISHA MATAMBO, who are touring Copperbelt roads, paid him a courtesy visit in NDOLA, he was in the middle of speaking.

The traditional chief was reassured by Minister of Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development CHARLES MILUPI that the New Dawn administration will upgrade rural roads.

The New Dawn administration, according to Minister of Transport and Logistics Frank Tayali, would spread growth throughout the entire nation.

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