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Chieftainess LESA of Mpongwe Requests government to Construct District hospital in Mpongwe

Chieftainess LESA of the Copperbelt’s Mpongwe area has asked the government to build a district hospital there.
The need for the health center has been linked by Chieftainess LESA to the size of the region and the growth in population.

There is only one mission hospital in the Mpongwe district right now, and it serves all six chiefdoms as well as some areas of the Central Province.

The traditional leader claims that as a result, children and pregnant women must travel great distances to the sole Mission hospital, which makes it difficult for them to get medical care.

And GEORGE NG’UNI, the chief executive officer of the Zambia Flying Doctor Service, declares that his organization would make an effort to bring medical services as close to the people as feasible.

According to Dr. NG’UNI, the Flying Doctors Service decided to do medical outreach in the Mpongwe District after realizing that there are still areas in the district that are remote from the Mission hospital.

A group of highly trained medical professionals was conducting a medical outreach in the Mpongwe district.

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