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China Is Excited To Restore Tazara

China promises to assist Tanzania and Zambia in reviving TAZARA, the Tanzania Zambia Railway.

TAZARA will be essential to Zambia’s ambitious goal to raise copper production from the present 830,000 metric tonnes to 3-million metric tons in the following ten years, according to Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, DU XIAOHUI.

When Mr. Du visited Minister of Labor and Social Security BRENDA TAMBATAMBA, he said this.

According to Ms. TAMBATAMBA, increased adherence to labor rules by Chinese businesses will boost ties between Zambia and China.

According to Ms. TAMBATAMBA, the bilateral agreements in labor and employment will continue to strengthen the long-standing connection between Zambia and China.

Additionally, Mr. DU stated that he would make sure Chinese businesses complied with established labor laws.

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