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Chungu: Chimese Is Not A Shareholder In Chita Lodge

According to evidence presented to the Economic and Financial Crimes Court, Lieutenant General ERIC CHIMESE, a former commander of the Zambian Air Force (ZAF), is not a shareholder in LUSAKA’s CHITA Lodge.

General CHIMESE is not one of the directors of the Lodge, according to testimony given before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court by CHITA Lodge Owner JAMES CHUNGU.

Mr. CHUNGU has additionally informed the court that General CHIMESE did not engage in any business with CHITA Lodge while serving as ZAF Commander.

General CHIMESE did not sign a land contract with CHITA lodge during the time period under consideration, he informed LUSAKA Magistrate CHANDA NSUNGE.

Mr. CHUNGU made this statement during his defense in the case where he and General CHIMESE are accused of money laundering together.

General CHIMESE, who is also accused of abusing his position of authority, has chosen to remain silent while his defense is being put up.

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