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Civic Leader Accuses Uncleared Canals Of Causing The Mongu Floods

According to a civic leader in Mongu, the flooding of certain farms in the area three weeks ago that entirely destroyed crops was caused by the failure to clean canals before the start of the rains.

KASELO KALIKI, a councilor for Mongu’s Mulambwa Ward, has pleaded with the government NOT to put off clearing the canals next to the farms.

He claims that farmers have lost harvests as a result of the floods.

Meanwhile, 162 sacks of mealie meal have been given to distressed farmers whose crop fields were inundated three weeks ago by the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).

Establishing a DMMU office in the area to aid in quick disaster response is one of the priorities for the coming year, according to Mongu District Commissioner AKABESWA IMASIKU.

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