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CNBM An example of how Chinese investment has benefited Zambia

According to a think tank analysis, CNBM is an example of how Chinese investment has benefited Zambia.

According to a report recently published by the Policy Monitoring and Research Centre, CNBM is an illustration of the advantageous effects that Chinese investment can have in Zambia. The report gives a detailed analysis of CNBM’s investment in Zambia in terms of results, impact, and future plans. It also provides background information on Chinese investment in Zambia. Before drawing a conclusion, the research also made helpful recommendations regarding Chinese investment in Zambia.

The results of this study show that Chinese investment in Zambia has made valuable contributions to Zambia’s economic development and has grown rapidly in the past few years. With the support & encourage of the Chinese government, over 600 firms are operating in Zambia with an investment level of over US$3 billion (CNY21 billion). Among others, significant investments have been made targeting the mining, manufacturing & construction sectors. CNBM is an outstanding example of the positive impact that Chinese investments have had in Zambia.

Having invested more than US$190 million (CNY1.1 billion) in Zambia, CNBM created a number of job opportunities for local people. Besides, the company has a positive impact on Zambia’s industrialization agenda & plays a key role in strengthening community ties & improving local people’s livelihoods.

CNBM intends to produce electricity in the future using the waste gases from cement kilns. Reducing energy use and waste gas pollution through the conversion of heat energy into waste gas can promote both ecological and economic development.

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