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Completed Fisp Distribution in Solwezi

In the Solwezi District, the beneficiaries have received all 6,700 of the farming supplies that were distributed.

In an interview, the Solwezi District Agricultural Coordinator MUTINTA CHPENZI and Solwezi District Commissioner TICK MULOFWA both reaffirmed that all the inputs had been gathered by farmers.

Additionally, a Farmer Input Support Programme (FSIP) participant in Solwezi requested the government to take into account offering loans to farmers when they are weaned off of the program’s assistance.

BRIGHTSON MUCHIMA said he is prepared to be weaned off the program and thanked the government for continuing to help FSIP beneficiaries.

According to Mr. MUCHIMA, the loans will allow farmers to continue their farming operations once they graduate.

He was talking to National Agricultural Information Services during an interview.

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