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Congested Prison In Kabombo

In North Western Province’s KABOMBO Correctional Facility, which is outdated and overcrowded with over 120 detainees currently sharing a cell intended for 45 people,

The overcrowded Correctional facility, according to KABOMBO Officer-in-Charge Superintendent STEPHEN KAKOLI, is no longer livable for convicts.

According to Mr. KAKOLI, the Prison Service is constructing an outdoor facility at a new location to relieve congestion at the Correctional institution.

Speaking during the visit by Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister JACK MWIIMBU, Mr. KAKOLI urged the government to build a new prison facility for prisoners in the region.

According to Mr. MWIIMBU, the administration is aware of the infrastructure issues in the majority of the nation’s jails.

He stated that the administration will look into the situation and figure out how to make sure that inmates are housed in respectable buildings.

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