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Constitutional Court Allows New Petition against Former President Edgar Lungu’s Election Eligibility

The Constitutional Court has permitted a new petition challenging former President Edgar Lungu’s election eligibility to proceed to a full hearing. The Court dismissed Lungu’s preliminary objection, which sought to quash the petition.

Lungu argued that the Constitutional Court lacked jurisdiction over the matter, citing a previous ruling in the case of Danny Pule and Bampi Kapalasa versus the Attorney General prior to the 2021 General Election. However, the Court ruled that under order 14 clause “A” of the Supreme Court rules, the petition raised issues that warranted a full hearing and determination.

The petition, filed by Lusaka businessman Michelo Chizombe, seeks the Court’s determination on Lungu’s eligibility to contest the 2021 General Election and his eligibility for future elections. Chizombe contended that his case differed from the Pule and Kapalasa cases and argued that Lungu is ineligible to run in future elections as he has already held office twice.

The ruling on the preliminary issues was delivered by Judge Mudford Mwanyisa, with Judges Palan Mulonda and Martin Musaluke. The hearing was before the full bench of the Constitutional Court, including Court President Margaret Munalula, Deputy Arnold Shilimbe, and Judges Annie Sitali, Mugeni Mulenga, Mathews Chisunka, Judy Mulongoti, Kenneth Mulife, and Maria Kawimbe.

Source: Lusakatimes

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