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Copperbelt Preps for First Automobile Exhibition: Vision of Innovation and Opportunity

After the success of the 11-year-old Lusaka Motor Show, the Copperbelt Province is getting ready to host its first-ever Copperbelt Motor Show. Almost 60 brands attended the most recent Lusaka Motor Show in November 2022, which was held at East Park Mall Piazza. From this year, the organizers will broaden their reach by holding concerts in Lusaka in October and Copperbelt in May.

On May 5 to 7, 2023, the opulent Garden Court Kitwe Hotel, a venue in the center of Copperbelt, will host the Copperbelt Motor Show. The event will give the mining and automotive industries a platform and will help advance local tourism, according to the general manager of Garden Court Kitwe. The hotel is honored to be a partner in the Copperbelt Motor Show and anticipates that many exhibitors from Lusaka will attend and participate in the magnificent event.

The expo will showcase the newest cars, trucks, buses, bikes, batteries, tyres, lubricants, tracking services, spare parts dealers, insurance providers, road safety, mining equipment, and leasing. It will be the largest automotive display the Copperbelt has ever seen. There will also be an area devoted to vintage vehicles, serving both collectors and motor enthusiasts.

With a forum for direct communication between buyers and sellers, the show hopes to draw a large audience from all areas of the Copperbelt Province. Dealers are able to directly address the issues of their customers and provide personalized answers. Although many manufacturers will be offering special bargains and offers, the event also provides fantastic opportunities for procurement heads and directors to evaluate costs, quality, durability, and other aspects of various items.

Director Mr. Bobby Singh has recognized the overwhelmingly positive feedback from their supporters, referring to the event as “history in the making” in comments. This response has encouraged Singh and his team to develop a platform that is advantageous to all parties concerned.

The Copperbelt Motor Show is positioned to have a positive impact on economic growth by developing networking possibilities that could lead to commercial initiatives, raising demand and creating jobs. The Copperbelt Motor Show is poised to establish itself as a mainstay in Zambia’s mining and automotive industries, spurring innovation, teamwork, and progress for years to come as the area gets ready for this historic occasion.

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