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Cyan Boujee drops a white object from between her legs while dancing on stage

Cyan Boujee dropped a white thing between her legs while dancing on stage. Cyan Boujee made many headlines in 2023, with her bedroom video going viral. Despite fans speaking a lot, Cyan did not stop hustling, and she had been spreading her wings. In recent days, Cyan has been doing some DJ work and shocking fans with her skills. Besides mixing music, Cyan had been dishing out attractive dances fans loved.

Cyan Boujee


Unfortunately, things did not go well for her in her past performance, as she dropped something. Sharing on X (Twitter), @AdvoBarryRoux started the talk but said nothing about the falling thing. DJ Cyan Boujee on the dance floor!


The talented DJ was wearing a nice outfit that showed her body well, and some crushed on her.

She graced the dance floor and started dancing, giving her back to fans as they cheered her. While she was dancing, a white thing dropped from between her legs, and fans went wild. She did not see it; most fans did not see what it was, and many fans had been guessing. Indeed, only Cyan knows what it was, but she has yet to share that experience with fans.

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