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Video: Fans go crazy after seeing Dawn Thandeka King at airport

Popular Mzansi actress Dawn Thandeka King met some fans at the airport, and they went wild. The bubbly actress is one f the most talented actresses in the country, and fans love her, She has featured in some of the country’s top drama series like Diep City, Uzalo, and Shaka iLembe.

Besides being a great actress, Dawn is also a loving human being, and fans could not believe what they saw.

They saw humility and love and could not control themselves as they screened and danced to her.

Dawn Thandeka King

Sharing the video on her Instagram, Dawn Thandeka King thanked the fans for the love they showed her.

“Thank you for love Cape Town.”

Dawn Thandeka King is a family mother who always spends quality time with her husband and kids.

This has made her scarce to many fans in public, and fans crave her.

When she meets fans, most fans are caught off-guard, and they react differently.

Dawn Thandeka King

This time, a few ladies met her and could not believe what they said.

They started screaming, dancing, and ululating, pouring out all their love for her.

They later took out their cellphones to take selfies with the star actress, and she stood in awe.

Dawn Thandeka King was also shocked by how much the fans went wild at the airport.


It seems celebs behave differently when they meet their fans, and they love Dawn’s character.

“❤️❤️❤️ some celebrities become sour when you show them love … you so calm and humble 😍😍😍”

“Yhooo I still cant believe uba ndikubonile mna😭❤️🤭 owh maan she’s so nice usiyekile sambamba im sure ebengekafiku apho ebesiyakhona oko ke esibukele si screamer encumile yhuuu im so humbled Ndiyamthanda lo Sisi and ngathi luyenyukela because of umntu esimbone enguye owh we really appreciate ur time”

“It’s “Akaphole sana” for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣Trust my Xhosa people to be extra”

“I like who chilled you are. Allowing them to bask. That humility Ma❤️”

“They were genuinely happy to see you and you gave them all the time and love 😍 thank you for understanding”


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