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Dead: Amukena Mwakweti Isiteketo, A Senior Chief

AMUKENA MAKWETI ISITEKETO Lewanika, a senior chief of Naliele Royal Village in Western Province’s Kaoma district, has passed away.

At a press conference held at the Kuta in Limulunga, the Barotse Royal Establishment Prime Minister, MUKELA MANYANDO, confirmed the chief’s passing.

The Chief passed away on Wednesday at Fairview Hospital in Lusaka, according to the Ngambela.

Since then, the Ngambela has urged the citizens of Naliele to maintain their composure and stand with the Kuta and the first family.

The Ngambela reported that proper arrangements for the late senior leader’s funeral and burial are under progress in order to offer him a respectable burial.

The Western province’s Kaoma, Nkeyema, and Luampa districts fell within the purview of the late traditional head.

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