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Defilement of Mentally ill Woman In Chienge District

A man who is presently on the run is accused of defiling a 41-YEAR-OLD woman in Chienge district who is believed to be mentally challenged.

The victim and the suspect, who has only been known as Kaoma, had sex in the victim’s home.

According to Gloria Mulele, the commanding officer of Luapula Province, the victim was saved from Kaoma’s clutches by her aunty after yelling for assistance.

Kaoma visited the victim’s home on the relevant day, according to Ms. Mulele, and had sex with her there.

“We received a report of defilement of an imbecile and the matter was reported to the police by the aunty of the victim.The victim sustained pain on her private parts and painful legs due to the use of force,”she said.

She said the police have instituted investigations in the matter.

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