Despite not raising necessary funds, Sting fight will go ahead

The international boxing competition that will take place in Lusaka on Saturday is ready to go.

Fights in the international boxing tournament with no titles will begin at 18:00 at the Government complex in Lusaka.

There will be nine boxing matches, six of which will include boxers from Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe.

Additionally, ahead to the competition, Stings boxing promotions Manager JOB KAPALASA stated that everything was ready for the boxers to enter the ring.

KAPALASA declared that despite the tournament’s inability to acquire all of the necessary funds, the fights will still take place.

He stated that it is hoped that the stable would be able to raise the necessary funds through ticket sales and various sponsors.

KAPALASA has also urged Zambians and other sponsors to join the cause and support tomorrow’s competition.

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