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Shauwn Mkhize did not attend the Durban July 2023 #HollywoodbetsDurbanJuly

This is why Shauwn Mkhize did not attend the Durban July 2023 #HollywoodbetsDurbanJuly,  She made it clear to her fans that she is not attending Durban July and she has other plans do to and she was even looking so lovely for the day.

Shauwn Mkhize

I’m feeling cute, looking good, and radiating positive vibes on this glorious day! As the weekend starts, I can’t help but embrace the excitement within me. As early as it is, I’m already feeling great! A positive attitude can go a long way. To all our visitors, hope you enjoy the city of Durban, make sure you enjoy all the festivities!!

All roads lead to the Durban July. Have a lovely day  Family. I hope you rocked the Durban July with style and grace!! there’s still time. and don’t forget today I am at the Mall of Africa, and centurion for the book signing.  For now though, we say goodbye to June – Thank you for the opportunities, lessons and triumphs!! Have a beautiful & safe weekend

In other news – Linda Mtoba shows off her most memorable look #HollywoodbetsDurbanJuly

Actress and media personality Linda Mtoba showed off a look that is likely to bring all the bees to the yard – a unique hairstyle, especially for the event. we all know and love Mzansi’s Stylish actress and she can never go wrong with her Fancy attire.

Linda Mtoba

Who doesn’t want to be a part of the Durban July. I mean, it’s another event where people can look glamorous and enjoy the outdoors. Learn more

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