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Dineo Ranaka seriously worries Fans about too much s.e.x talk

Well-known South African radio personality and television presenter, Dineo Ranaka garners attention after sharing a video of herself thirst-trapping in her underwear.

The radio personality began a podcast where she talks about everything s*x; the podcast made her more vocal about the topic and it worries some of her fans who knew her to be a sangoma who focuses on other aspects of life.

dineo ranaka

The video shared by Dineo got her slammed by some of her followers who questioned why she posted such content on Sunday.

dineo ranaka repsonds

“I’m so worried about you these days I mean you’re content is about s*x s*x s*x kanti what’s happening dineo? it’s not make sure anymore,” a comment reads.

In response, Dineo revealed her age and said she is at that phase where the level of her l!bido has peaked.

“I’m 39 and experiencing my s*xual peak. I’m ok, but I’m worried about you not understanding or accepting that sex has been content way back when from biblical years. The book of Genesis,” she wrote.

Dineo Ranaka

Meanwhile, Dineo Ranaka recently met with some girls during an outing, and she spoke to them about how she feels 14 despite turning 40 this year.

The presenter opened up about her battle with depression and suicidal thoughts which is no news to the public.

She concluded her words to the ladies by advising them on how to be happy without being depressed.


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