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DJ Miggs Foreal speaks out

DJ Miggs Foreal, born Eutrice Motsepe, opened up about his struggles with substance abuse. Everything was fine in the early days of his music career, he shared, noting that it was just calm before the storm that exposed him to the dark side of the industry.

Everytime after my set, I’d hang around nightclubs socialising with bad friends,” said DJ Miggs Foreal. They lured me into taking cocaine to be cool, and I thought it was fun until I noticed a rapid change in my life.”

He advised that once one has decided to chase their dreams in the music industry, they need to avoid certain behaviours that involve drugs.

 DJ Miggs Foreal

“Drugs are a big problem [in the industry and in our country]; drugs are killing the youth,” said the deep house DJ.  I did drugs back in the day because I thought they were cool, and I was surrounded by friends who were using them as well. Birds of the same feather flock together.

“I eventually left them because I could see that drugs were affecting my music career. I just wanted to do great things in my life.”He advised the youth to steer clear of drugs and focus on improving their lives, saying the country has lost many artists as a result of drug abuse.

“It’s a waste of time,” he cautioned. DJ Miggs Foreal explained that drugs affected him in such a way that he lost control of his life and lacked self-love.

“I became skinny and I lost touch with myself. I’d also fail to think of investing [the money I was making in the music industry].”

He said while all this was going on, his dream to plough back in his community in Garankuwa, Pretoria also took a knock, and he blames it all on drugs.

 DJ Miggs Foreal

DJ Miggs Foreal has, however, turned the corner and now owns a deejaying school in Pretoria. He also owns a fashion line that he sells at his school.

“These days I am keeping myself busy with church activities. I attend church as I seek wisdom to better my life,” he said.

“Other than that, I’m always at my deejaying school helping my community and imparting knowledge and my skills.”

Three years ago, DJ Miggs Foreal appeared on Mzansi Magic’s reality TV show Being Bonang where he helped Bonang Matheba’s friend, Pinky, on how to become a DJ.

Source: Sundayworld

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