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Dr Malinga reveals how Makhadzi used him

Dr Malinga reveals how Makhadzi used him to promote her 2022 show. Makhadzi was one of the celebrities who rose to help the music icon after he publicly sought help as he lost some of his assets to SARS due to unsettled debt.

The Ma Gear hitmaker announced that Malinga is on the lineup of her One Woman show, and it gained her accolades.

“I would like dr Malinga to come perform at my one-woman show. I sent a DM for sure he didn’t see it. I really want to support him from bottom of my heart. Anyone with management contact please DM me,” she wrote.

“I finally got dr Malinga. I promise to not exploit him but to share the little I have with him. God must bless and protect us artists we have been going through a lot during COVID19. We all suffered,” she added.

Taking to Facebook, Malinga ranted on how he was treated poorly at the show, despite promising not to exploit him.

Dr Malinga wrote: “Let me count I never ate anything at your show….no drinks I’ll go live soon to tell people that you promised you won’t exploit me, promoters treat me better than you did.”

“I’ll tell people the whole story when i go live soon, You only wanted to promote your show using my name mxm.”

“Is not that i hate you NO just your attitude.” No accommodation for thee Dr Malinga.”

In other news – National shutdown strikes won’t stop Loadshedding – Amanda Black

Amanda Black urges South Africans to get used to darkness as any form of protest won’t stop the loadshedding. Mzansi have voiced out via different social media platforms, against the ongoing loadshedding which has exceeded stage 5. The singer said she is also tired of the poor electricity as it’s affected her preserved food and other things.

Amanda Black

“Time to learn how to live without electricity, tired of my food spoiling, appliances breaking. All these little “battles” are exhausting. All distractions meant to deplete our energy. National shutdown strikes won’t stop what’s already in motion, on and off paper. Time to detach,” she wrote. Learn More

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