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Drew Barrymore Announces Talk Show Return Amid Strikes

Amid Hollywood union strikes, Drew Barrymore is poised to return to The Drew Barrymore Show on September 18, after “walking away” from the daytime talk show in solidarity with the writers.

Sharing a lengthy post on Instagram, the 50 First Dates actor said, “I made a choice to walk away from the MTV, film and television awards because I was the host and it had a direct conflict with what the strike was dealing with which was studios, streamers, film, and television.”

She continued, “It was also in the first week of the strike and so I did what I thought was the appropriate thing at the time to stand in solidarity with the writers.”

Adding, “And to be clear, our talk show actually wrapped on April 20 so we never had to shut down the show. However, I am also making the choice to come back for the first time in this strike for our show, that may have my name on it but this is bigger than just me.”

However, the Writers Guild spox told The Hollywood Reporter that union members would protest outside the 48-year-old’s studio despite assurances the fourth season will follow WGA and SAG-AFTRA rules.

“I own this choice. We are in compliance with not discussing or promoting film and television that is struck of any kind,” adding, “We launched live in a global pandemic. Our show was built for sensitive times and has only functioned through what the real world is going through in real time.”

Explaining her views further, “I want to be there to provide what writers do so well, which is a way to bring us together or help us make sense of the human experience.”

“I hope for a resolve for everyone as soon as possible. We have navigated difficult times since we first came on air. And so I take a step forward to start season 4 once again with an astute humility.

Source: eNCA

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