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Imbewu: The Seed’s Phindile Gwala taken to court over electricity bill

Imbewu: The Seed actress Phindile Gwala-Ngandu seems to be having trouble paying her electricity bill, and she may end up living in darkness if she does not comply.

According to a local publication, the actress is at loggerheads with Bramley Mews Body Corporate for non-payment of her hefty electricity bill.

The actress has been dragged to court for failing to settle her electricity bill of over 100K and the body corporate is reportedly seeking a court order to cut her electricity supply if she fails to settle the bill of R115 641.98

“As it appears from the notice of motion, the applicant (Bramley Mews Corporate) seeks an order against the respondent (Phindile Gwala) for monetary payments regarding arrear levies and electricity charges, which are due to the applicant by the respondent.”

Phindile Gwala

“The applicant also seeks an order against the respondent for disconnection of the electricity supply to the section, pending full payment of arrear levies and electricity charges. This particular relief has necessitated the launching of this court application out of the above honourable court.”

Moreover, the manager of the body corporate told the publication that Gwala-Ngandu was served with a court judgment for non-payment in June 2020.

“Judgment was granted against the respondent for the sum of R70 809.95 and on or about 22 March 2022, a warrant of execution was issued against the movable property of the respondent…to date hereof, the respondent failed and alternatively neglected, further refused to make payments in respect of special levies, normal levies, refuse recoveries and sewer/ effluent levies in full. As such, payments become due and payable to the applicant.”

Phindile Gwala

“While a failure to pay every amount due to the applicant is prejudicial to it, a failure to effect payment of electricity consumption charges is the most prejudicial. The reason for this is that the body corporate is obligated, on a monthly basis, to effect payment of electricity consumption charges in respect of every section within its scheme, to the local council.”

According to the publication, the actress’ failure to pay will result in more problems for the body corporate.

“If the applicant does not recover these payments from its members, it will continue to advance monies to the council, on behalf of section owners who do not pay for electricity consumption. This will deplete any savings which the applicant may have and will ultimately cause the applicant to have a negative bank balance, risking a disconnection of the electricity supply, by the local municipality, to all the sections and the applicant being placed under administration.”


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