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Elon Musk survived scary accident — Horrifying details revealed

In a revealing incident from Elon Musk‘s childhood, the tech mogul once frightened his mother, Maye Musk, when he defied being grounded and embarked on a daring escapade. The incident, shared in an old video by a user on X, showcased Musk’s determined nature even at a young age.

During the video, Musk recounted the incident, stating, “I was grounded one afternoon and prevented from going to a play with my cousins on the other side of the town. I disagreed with this and escaped my nanny and walked across town. I could barely read signs, and this was a foolish thing to do. Something terrible could have happened – I could have been kidnapped or run over.” Despite the risks, Musk was determined to attend the play, and he walked across the entire capital city.

Elon Musk

Maye Musk, reacting to the clip, recalled the incident, expressing amazement at how a child could walk across busy streets without intervention. “I remember this well. I think he was five because he couldn’t read yet.

We still wonder how he crossed the streets and no one tried to stop him. Horrifying,” she commented on the platform. Elon Musk, in the video, revealed that upon reaching his cousin’s house, he ran and climbed a tree until his mother promised not to punish him and allowed him to stay with his cousins.

The online post, sharing this glimpse into Musk’s adventurous childhood, garnered significant attention with 2.9 lakh views and various reactions.

Users commented on Musk’s determination and risk-taking nature from a young age, with some expressing relief that the incident concluded safely. Maye Musk’s perspective added a touch of parental concern to the tale, making it a notable and engaging story from the billionaire’s past.

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