Emmy Award nominees for 2022

An Emmy nomination, a major television award, is a mark of quality: only the best drama, comedy, and mini-series make it to the jury selection. The record-breaking number of nominations this year is “The Heirs” (25), “White Lotus,” and “Ted Lasso” (20 nominations each). In addition, the critically acclaimed “Squid Game” became the first non-English-language series in the Best Drama category (and received 14 nominations for a foreign project). 

Here’s an in-depth look at all the best series at the 2022 Emmys – and why they’re worth watching in case you missed out. If you’re looking for Teen Patti hands, follow this link.

Among the Emmy-2022 nominees are television projects released between June 1, 2021, and May 31, 2022. Here you can see:

  • Euphoria;
  • Ozark
  • The Squid Game and other TV shows.

Better Call Saul

In “Better Call Saul,” we meet the default version of Goodman – attorney Jimmy McGill, who as a child has dabbled in petty crime and now, as an adult, is trying to get even with his older brother and build an honest career as a lawyer. But, for many reasons, he does not succeed. The series has not been as popular as its older brother, “Breaking Bad” – it’s too complicated and unhurried. But fans of the universe appreciate it for just that. And also for the more profound character development, psychology, noir, and visuals. 


A grim drama about the lives of turbulent high school students tormented by drug addiction, enduring all sorts of violence, and trying to find themselves. The characters bear little resemblance to real teenagers – it’s more of a fantasy of today’s millennials about the zoomer generation. And it looks pretty damn aesthetically pleasing and appealing. 


One of the best shows for those who like “Breaking Bad”: is a crime story in which the characters are forced to launder money for a drug cartel in a tiny American town. A series in the rare southern gothic genre starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney.


Employees of the Lumon Corporation sit at Lumon-made tables and chairs, work on Lumon-invented computers, live in a homogeneous world created by one unified creator, and endlessly live one similar, meaningless day without seeing the sun or the streets. And all employees undergo a procedure of separation when a chip is implanted into the brain, dividing the consciousness in two – in place of one subject appears two, not knowing anything about each other. Sci-fi, satire, dystopia, thriller: “Separation” is all at once. 

The Squid Game

You have to try hard not to know the plot of this South Korean superhit. But, if you’re among those who have passed by the most notable series of last year, here’s a recap: debt-ridden and desperate Koreans engage in violent games in the hopes of winning billions. In the race for survival, they have to betray, kill and cheat because their own lives are at stake.

Stranger Things

The beloved series about the Hawkins high school kids who save the world from worldwide evil every year has pleased this year with an excellent and stimulating fourth season. Contrary to misgivings, it became both a model horror show and a fascinating guide to 1980s movies and music. Special kudos to the Duffer Brothers for their exciting take on the plot of A Nightmare on Elm Street.


The patriarch of the transcontinental media empire Logan Roy (the prototype of the hero was the media tycoon and head of the News Corporation Rupert Murdoch), is preparing to retire from business and choose an heir. Still, there is a problem: none of the children are entirely suitable for this role. And then the struggle for the throne begins – full of intrigue, betrayal, and an overt struggle for power and money. “The Heirs” earned widespread critical acclaim, proclaiming the series a “modern classic.”


In 1996, a high school girls’ soccer team was involved in a plane crash in the middle of the American wilderness. The surviving girls were found only a year later, with their numbers thinned out. They were in no hurry to tell anyone what had happened. Finally, after 25 years, in 2021, an ambitious journalist decides to eventually get to the truth, which, as usual, is much darker than she imagined. 


A black comedy about a depressed hitman who wants to be an actor: as usual, the dramatic art has to be learned, not breaking away from his primary profession. The series works in opposition to the bloody work of the hero and his almost childish dream but does it so that the viewer both laughs and cries. The authors are acclaimed comedian Bill Hader (aka the lead performer) and Alec Berg, one of the creators of “Silicon Valley.” This series is so easy to watch that you can combine it with 3 Patti live game or other entertainment.

Abbott Elementary School

A critically acclaimed mockumentary comedy about teachers in a public school in Philadelphia: each is unique and has a different approach to teaching. Despite their lack of funding, they do everything they can to instill a love of education in their students. If you’ve watched and loved the excellent “Community” series, you’ll also love this show. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm

“Seinfeld” series creator Larry David plays an artistic version of himself. He has a complex character, so he constantly gets into awkward and comical situations. These are sketches of David’s daily life with improvised dialogue and jokes. 

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 

The series is about a well-to-do Jewish housewife and mother of two, Midge Maisel, who, after her husband cheats on her, suddenly (even to herself) starts making her way to the stand-up scene – with all the attendant difficulties of family problems, arrests (in the 1950s comedians who made pointed social jokes were often arrested) and trying to sort out her relationship with her ex-husband and her new flings.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso

A good-natured coach from America struggles to rally the English club’s soccer team while the club owner puts sticks in his wheels (she hired him to ruin thus the club, the favorite brainchild of her cheating ex-husband). Unfortunately, the mustachioed coach knows nothing about English soccer (he can’t even remember Beckham’s name) and British culture. The first season builds predominantly on the theme of resisting a hostile environment, while the second season of the series delves into a story about strong men overcoming their injuries. 

Only Murders in the Building 

A comedy detective in the best Agatha Christie tradition: three neighbors who live in a luxury house on the Upper West Side and are passionate about podcasting about real crimes decide to solve the murder of one of the tenants and record their podcast at the same time. The series has two seasons – and in the second, the amateur detectives face a new crime.

The Dropout

The series is about the founder of the startup Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, a former Silicon Valley darling who raised hundreds of millions of dollars to develop non-existent blood test technology. The series tells how the girl, a 19-year-old Stanford dropout, made all of America believe in her genius and innovation and how easy the formula Fake it till you make it is in today’s world.

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