Live sports betting

There will always be many Internet users on the websites of betting companies where there are broadcasts of matches or just a section with live bets in Bet Winner. This is due to the incredible popularity of bets that players can make directly watching the game process and how various events affect the outcome of the match. 

However, despite its popularity, real-time betting is quite a complex entertainment, and you need to take into account many factors that will help or prevent you from winning. Often, if you are a beginner, 100% experts will advise you to refrain from live betting until you understand how betting works on simpler options, such as single bets without real time and gain enough experience.

How to choose a game for Live betting?

If you still decide to try yourself in live betting, you should decide which game to pay attention to. There are no difficulties in choosing, but there is advice.

So that you can increase your chances of winning a bet, you need to choose the game in which you understand the most. Knowledge of the rules and gameplay will play very well into your hands. After all, then, watching the game you have chosen, you will be able to clearly understand in which direction the course of the game is developing and to what end the match or tournament is moving. 

Additionally, you need to know at least a little about the teams that take part in the game, because then you will have a clear idea which of the teams is stronger, what is the history of the team’s victories and whether you should bet on any of these teams. 

Live Betting Strategies

What are strategies? This is a set of recommendations, rules, observations that were formed by the players themselves due to the constant analysis of matches, bets they make, forecasts. And also, these strategies were compiled through trial and error. For live betting, there are several full-fledged strategies that many players have been using for several days. 

Strategies or forecasts?

In fact, forecasts with strategies are quite close, because both of these options are aimed at helping players win. And forecasts, just like strategies, can apply to regular matches and live bets. 

But they also have significant differences. They consist in the fact that forecasts concentrate on specific matches, leagues, rely on a certain game, a team. Professional analysts take a responsible approach to the issue of forecasting, so that the 80% bet of those players who use their forecast is successful. 

Regarding like bets and forecasts for them, experts can tell you in real time which bet is better to make. And in such cases, it is better not to delay, because the game process can change quickly. For the better and to your winning bet, or vice versa for the worse, because no one has canceled the risks. 

If it comes specifically to strategies, then you get clear tips that will help you choose the right match yourself, you will also be able to analyze the course of the game and relying only on your own knowledge, observations, make a bet. 

Of course, if you stick to strategies, have a good understanding of specific teams, the rules of the game and take into account many factors that can turn the game in a completely different direction in broadcast mode, then you will definitely be able to successfully close the bets placed. 

But if you are a beginner or just don’t want to bother with studying a lot of information and analyzing the match, forecasts will be the best option for you.

Strategies can be completely different games and at the same time the essence of the strategy itself of course changes. For example, when it comes to football, there is a strategy associated with yellow cards. That is, you can bet on what score a certain team will have on yellow cards. Or how much this or that team will score in the corners. If we talk about tennis or other games, already strategies will change. Therefore, if you still want to try using strategies, carefully choose which game a specific strategy has been developed for.


Why do players love live betting so much?

Players are lured by the opportunity to get amazing emotions, excitement, feelings for the team, as well as the opportunity to still win. In live betting, you can bet at any time while the match is going on.

Is it necessary to use strategies?

No, you don’t need to stick to just strategies or any forecasts. You can place bets based on your own observations and trust only yourself.

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