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Emtee reveals he is receiving death threats from unknown person

Mthembeni “Emtee” Ndevu says he is been receiving death threats. Speaking to Zimoja, the rapper says he doesn’t owe anyone, neither is he a gangster, but the unidentified person has been threatening him that he is the next after DJ Sumbody.

“Somebody is trying to extort me for money that I don’t have. I’m next after DJ Sumbody. I don’t talk about it because people are sure that I’m some retard. Nobody will believe me until I’m dead, I don’t owe anyone money, I’m not a gangster, and I don’t gamble.”


Emtee says the person is asking for R25 million, in order to save his life.

“I first delete the messages and blocked the number, and they continued sending messages with a different number. I am scared, but I know I didn’t do anything to anyone. The person wants R25 million, where do I get that kind of money?” he asks.


“The guy claims, h funded my career and I asked him If he gave me the cash or what? I’ve never held that amount of money in my life, suddenly I owe him. Never met him, don’t know him. This guy claims he borrowed Kgosi (Ambitious Entertainment boss) R25 million to start the label.”

The rapper says he is cool with everyone, including Cassper Nyovest.


“So clearly, he’s scared of Kgosi, which in this case owes him apparently. He’s just undermining me and trying scare me. I told Kgosi. All he did was call the police. I’m not a troublesome person. I’m cool with everyone even Tsibip (Cassper) himself,” he added.

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