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Actress Enhle Mbali body shamed – Pictures

Well-known Mzansi actress Enhle Mbali is the latest local star to be targeted by shameless online trolls. A photo of the star was recently highly scrutinized by an X user who made vile comments about her body. The young mother was however passionately defended by her many online fans who reminded the X user that she has had children so of course her body has changed.

They also shared that despite having children, she is in great shape and looks as gorgeous as ever.

Body shaming can happen to anyone.

Enhle Mbali

With the current digital age, it has became nearly impossible to avoid trolls who believe that they have a right to speak about and judge other people’s appearances.

Unfortunately, most celebrities are victims of these trolls who criticize every aspect of their lives from their relationships to their bodies.

This week, local actress Enhle Mbali found herself a target after sharing a gorgeous photo of herself.

Enhle Mbali

The photo was reshared on X by a user who felt the need to discuss how the 35-year-old’s body has changed over the years.

“You can see a cleavage ekudala beyimunca (has been flattened),” the troll wrote on X.


In the comment section, hundreds rushed to slam the man for the nasty comment about Enhle. Many asked him where he got off commenting on women’s bodies online.

“You guyz always disrespect women on this app and thinking it’s,you know what go tell all the females in your family that rubbish make sure you start with your mother” one person said while another wrote:

“Being a celebrity is hard. You get people who can’t even show themselves talking crap about you when you’re one of the most beautiful women in the country”


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Kelly Khumalo

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